DJ and Karaoke

Ron Ebel offers a full-line of DJ and Karaoke services that can be tailored to fit the needs of your party or special occasion.  Thousands of titles are available on request and any music the client wishes to provide will gladly be played.  A top notch PA is used and party lights, fog machines, party games and prizes are available upon request.  The Karaoke setup comes with the same PA, request books and slips, monitor, 2 microphones and over 4500 song titles to choose from.  The packages can be organized with any combination of DJ, Karaoke, or live music that you desire.  So call today for more information or bookings.

Karaoke Performance Camp

Encinitas School of Music is offering a camp for kids interested in vocal production and performance.  Voice instructor Ron Ebel will work with the students on vocal technique, song interpretation and staging in a one week camp.  At the end of the session students will be recorded on a song of their choice and given the opportunity to do a live performance. The camp will be held at Encinitas School of Music, 775 Orpheus Ave. from July 13-17 at 12:30 to 2:30PM.  Cost will be $150 per student.  For more information contact Ron Ebel at 760-757-3096

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